Asselby Parish Council



2nd March 2017


A maintenance scheme to improve the condition of the existing road from the Howden/Barnhill junction along Barnhill Lane to approximately twenty yards south of Knedlington Crossroads is to commence from 20th March 2017.  Advance warning signs should be in place from 6th March 2017.

The work will involve deep patching areas of failed carriageway and then resurfacing with a material that gives high skid resistant properties and is a lot quieter for nearby residences and drivers using the road.  Drainage of the existing road is also being improved with new gully grates which collect more water than those at present.  Inspection chambers are also being replaced to ease future maintenance and the existing pipe system is in the process of being cleaned out.  This work will take place during the working day between the hours 09.00 and 15.30 under temporary traffic light control.

The section of road between Knedlington Crossroads and the Barnhill junction (Barnhill Lane) is too narrow to safely resurface whilst traffic is using the road, so it will be closed overnight for around one week at the start of the work on 20th March 2017 from 19.00 to 06.00.  (Diversion via Howden – HGV’s via Bubwith).   Access will still be possible from the Ferryboat Inn side.  Once this is complete the remainder of the work will be under traffic control on a night from approximnately 30th March 2017. 

Closure of Knedlington Crossroads will take place on the night of Sunday 2nd April 2017 from 22.00 to 06.00 on Monday 3rd April 2017 and will effectively cut off Knedlington, Asselby and Barmby on the Marsh to all vehicles except those required in an emergency.  This will allow the contractor to safely progress unhindered, thus reducing the time they need to be working on the road and the inconvenience to locals and the travelling public.

It is expected work will be completed within two weeks.


If you have any queries regarding the above please contact:

Clerk to Asselby Parish Council.   Mrs. S.A. Oates.  East End Farm.  Asselby.  Tel:-  (01757) 638396


Chris Bown  Project Manager ERYC        01482 395763                 Email:-